For multiple tracking, add coma after each numbers e.g.: 12345, 67890

Express (Courier)

Our real time online Track n Trace technology provide you detailed progress of your shipment all along the way to meet the ever-rising expectation of on time deliveries.

Domestic Service


  • Aeroparcel Envelope - documents, weighting less than kilogram.
  • Packages - anything and everything above
  • Point2Point - pickup and delivery between two branches
  • Mass mail - bulk deliveries for bank and other institutions
  • AeroBox - standard packeging at no extra cost

Value add Service

  • Speedy - deliveries with specific time within city limits
  • Same day - delivey on same day within city limits
  • Prepaid - buy in advance with economical rates and ship anytime*
  • COD - payment on the value of package
  • Return - delivery with hard copy of acknowledgement receipt

International Service


Aramex global network support

Aeroparcel has now become a part of Aramex global network. Known for their innovative approach and leading technologies, Aramex is a prominent global logistics company. Aeroparcel now has the opportunity to extend its service offerings into the international market, supporting our customers in taking their products to the world.

Global Network

Aramex is a founding member and chairs the Global Distribution Alliance (GDA), which brings together over 40 leading express and logistics providers from around the world, each specializing in their own region and together covering the world with the same, unified quality standards and technology of Aramex. The network has more than 12000 offices, 33000 vehicles and 66000 employees serving alliance customers and attending to their business around the clock in more than 240 countries.

Aramex is also a founding member of the World Freight Alliance (WFA), a global and dynamic network of freight forwarding specialists that provide both ocean and air freight services to customers.

Aramex Offices

Today, there are over 300 Aramex offices in 58 countries and 200 major cities worldwide. The network is continuously growing and expanding.